Inspect Your Metaphors

The way we talk to ourselves and about ourselves is super important. This is where our entire world is formed! So let’s not add to the disempowerment that we might need to fight off outside of our heads — let’s use empowering metaphors instead.

“The Time Will Pass Anyway”

If we got what we wanted right away, how meaningful and precious would it really be? What would that look like without the process of having gone through it? When things are tough and our goals are still far away, let’s not forget that. And let’s surround ourselves with empowering reminders.

We CAN Do Hard Things – Including Quitting

Quitting and course-correcting is hard. And, among other inner resources, it requires a lot of self-forgiveness.
But with the right attitude and the right reminders, we CAN do hard things. Let’s take it from Glennon Doyle and Bozoma Saint John.

Season Three Is Here And It’s All About Empowerment! But What Is It, Really?

The concept of empowerment is much more than how to keep ourselves motivated and work on our confidence. It’s about the tools we have to live more fully, to know how to face challenging situations and navigate complex issues. Let’s dive in!

Growing Pains Suck. Let’s Frame Them in a Healthy Way and Ask For Help

When things are tough, don’t forget they you are not alone. And you’re never helpless.
When faced with stress, overwhelm, anxiety or any other emotion that we deem unpleasant, please remind yourself about the tools that you have – including friends.

What Can The Cold Teach Us?

The science behind cold exposure is very much real and not even that new at this point. There’s no controversy here.And it has a direct effect on our mental state! Hear more about and get inspired to take those cold showers by Wim Hof.

How To Give Discomfort More Meaning

Discomfort oftentimes is a price we have to pay for the lives we want to live. They don’t have to involve politics or prisons, but it’s good to know that “a good life” will probably never mean zero discomfort.

So we either try to avoid it or normalise it and see it as the price we pay for a life of integrity.

Are There More Dimensions to Our Liberation?

Could there be more dimensions to our liberation?
This was the question that came to mind as I was watching an interview with ALOK.
ALOK (Alok Vaid-Menon) is a writer, public speaker, and artist whose very existence seems threatening to some.
Why? You’ll see it in this interview.