You Don’t Need to “Make Sense”

I was in a film project years ago and I always remember what one of the sound guys told me.

We were about to shoot, and I had commented how nicely matching the room was, how everything “made sense.”

He paused, looked at me, and said:

“Oh yeah, that’s all carefully thought about because real life doesn’t make sense. On a screen, we couldn’t handle real life!”


“We couldn’t handle real life.”

I think about it sometimes.

How real life, real us, aren’t some nicely curated pieces of decor that a stylist has chosen.

We’re messy, weird, and we don’t always make sense. We can be A and B at the same time, full of paradoxes and seemingly inexplicable combos of qualities and preferences.

And that’s exactly what makes us awesome ❤️

“What would people think of me if they saw MY room, where I happen to live, or even, let’s say, what clothes I have?”

It probably wouldn’t make sense! “What the hell, there’s no one clear theme here…” people would wonder.

Oh yes. Yes yes yes, exactly.

But you know what? There doesn’t need to be one.

We’re always more complex than any (no matter how well-crafted) character.

Authenticity is messy. Silly. Awkward. And sometimes hard.

When it gets hard, what do we do??

I’d say, we use all the reminders we can get!

Below there’s one big one, to empower ourselves. On top, there’s also a video to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously on this strange ride!


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