Investigative Selfism? What’s That?

I know, it’s a weird name for a website. Let me explain it:

It’s like investigative journalism but looking inwards.

More specifically, It’s my platform with various resources that can make our lives – unlike the title of this damn website – less complicated.

But only if we seek that meaningful change.

My latest posts:

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In The End, Choose Yourself

Staying true to ourselves can be tough. Yet if we know what our values, principles, and life mission are, there is a certain peace that comes knowing this is what we have chosen.

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Expert Conversations on Trauma, Part 4

What is intergenerational trauma?
And how do we heal in an environment that is still hurting us?
Listen to what Resmaa Menakem, a trauma expert, has to say about it in a beautiful interview.

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Who am I to be sharing these resources?

My name is Justina and I have started this project in 2011 first as a (young person’s:) travel blog. But then – oh no! – it has quickly turned into “general and weird observations on life”, stories that focused on discoveries and not so much on geography.

More recently, I’ve turned it into a platform where I share the resources that I myself find insightful, something I wish I had discovered earlier, and something that I want all of my friends to know about.

This desire to embark on a journey inwards partially comes from a very simple realisation:

That I can continue hopping continents and feel all excited about that (coz it IS exciting!), but if I don’t put in the inner work, I’ll be bringing all the same old habits, limiting beliefs, and weak boundaries with me. And I never want to travel that heavy.

(and yes, it’s my mom and me in this photo on one of our investigative trips; she’s here to add some cuteness!)

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