Welcome to Investigative Selfism! But wait, what is it?

It’s a platform for resources that can make us lead lives that are more meaningful, authentic, and bold.

It’s like investigative journalism but looking inwards.

On this website, I am sharing articles, videos, podcast episodes, and other recommendations that are meant to make our lives a little bit less complicated.

Together with an array of teachers, I explore the topics of fear and courage, integrity and discomfort, personal agency and how to build it.

Most importantly, I share resources that can empower us to move through life with more self-compassion.

Welcome and enjoy!

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My latest posts:

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Nothing Changes Until We Change

Isn’t it incredible to see science confirm something different religions or schools of thought have been implying for centuries or millennia?
And the case of what mindfulness, being hopeful, and managing our thoughts well can do to our physiology is exactly this case. Listen to Dr. Joe Dispenza explain how epigenetics work: how we change our physiology by how we think.

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What Can The Cold Teach Us?

The science behind cold exposure is very much real and not even that new at this point. There’s no controversy here.And it has a direct effect on our mental state! Hear more about and get inspired to take those cold showers by Wim Hof.

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Who am I to be sharing these resources?

My name is Justina, nice to meet you!

I started this project more than 10 years ago as a travel blog (I was young, forgive me…) that I have now turned into something it was slowly moving to anyways:

A platform where I want to share valuable resources that can be potentially life-changing.

At least they would have been to a younger me!

The older me realised that it doesn’t matter if I’m moving countries and continents so much. As long as I’m not working on my inner world, I’ll be bringing the same heavy baggage everywhere.

My interests include mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, neuroscience, behavioural studies, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, Internal Family Systems, and others.

Just like you, I’m learning how to speak to myself more gently, set healthy boundaries, realise I am much more capable than my limiting beliefs have been telling me, and love more fully.