Be an active participant in your own life.

What happened to us is not our fault. But it’s our responsibility to participate in our own healing and growth.

Choose to do the work.

Investigative Selfism is like investigative journalism but looking inwards.

Here, explore resources that can help us lead lives that are more meaningful, authentic, and bold. Together with an array of teachers, I dive into the topics of fear and courage, integrity and discomfort, personal agency, and how to build it.

Most importantly, I share resources that can empower us to move through life with more self-compassion.

Welcome and enjoy!

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My latest posts:

Can We Have Empowerment without Healing?

As I have focused my whole podcast season on empowerment, I can’t go through it without addressing one major factor in our growth: healing. How can we approach it? How can we visualise that journey and why is it important to embark on it?

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Don’t Base Your Growth on Shame

Can we base our desire to change and grow on something destructive? Unfortunately, that is possible, and the unhealthy base we have to talk about is shame. What is it, how can we approach it, and what can we base our personal development on instead?

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Can We Have Better Problems?

In this episode, I invite you to take honest and brave inventory of the challenges you’re facing: I invite you to see if you can elevate them and see if there’s anything more meaningful and more empowering behind them.

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Are You Protecting Your Precious Mind?

What we consume and what people we spend time with is a big deal. It can affect our focus, our mood, what habits we have, and, in the end, how we choose to show up in this world. I invite you to take some time and reflect on what you have been allowing into your life. Not because this reflection is something you “have” to do but because I want you to remember that YOU MATTER.

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Inspect Your Metaphors

The way we talk to ourselves and about ourselves is super important. This is where our entire world is formed! So let’s not add to the disempowerment that we might need to fight off outside of our heads — let’s use empowering metaphors instead.

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Four Reminders When Dealing With Family

Spending time with family can be hard. So how can we frame it for ourselves in ways that are healthier for us? What reminders do we need in this potentially stressful and frustrating situation? I share four such reminders in my episode.

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Although my academic training is in political science, I’ve realised that to fight different forms of oppression we also have to do it on a personal level.

So, for over a decade, I’ve been pursuing my interests in mindfulness and Buddhist psychology, only to discover how well they go together with other disciplines like neuroscience, NLP, CBT, NVC, Internal Family Systems, and others.

Just like you, I’m learning how to speak to myself more gently, set healthy boundaries, uncover my limiting beliefs, and empower myself to live and love more fully.

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