About Me

“Be unafraid to be happy. Be unafraid to love. Be unafraid to make a difference.” – Jack Kornfield

I studied political science thinking this is how we change the world. And in a very important way, we do! Yet later in life, I’ve realised that we can’t have a profound change on the outside without having the same on the inside. If we want to build healthier societies, we need more mindfulness, awareness, agency, courage, compassion, and leadership with a heart. And it all starts with us.

This realisation has further fueled my curiosity – that investigative selfism – and has led me to study a range of disciplines: Buddhist psychology, neuroscience, nonviolent communication, cognitive behavioural therapy, neurolinguistic programming, the topic of trauma and addiction, and a mix of studies that explain our human behaviour.

So many tools to equip ourselves, so little time!

Because it’s not only about studying them: it’s all about application. As someone who’s been moving continents for the past fifteen years (read my longer story here), it finally hit me that I can be going to exciting places but if I’m bringing my old and unhealthy habits, limiting beliefs, and other unwanted baggage with me, it’s not gonna magically leave me somehow.

Equipping myself to leave the unwanted baggage and empower myself instead: this is what I have been doing in my personal life, in my projects with a couple of schools in Lithuania, in what you’re seeing on this website, and now I offer free coaching sessions!

If anything that you’re seeing here resonates with you, please get in touch. It will be so nice to chat!

Justina Poskeviciute

“Justina, what about your formal education?” is a fair question to ask!

Degrees and Courses

– BA in Political Science and Film Studies
– MA in Political Science
– Nonviolent Communication course by Marshall Rosenberg
– Neurolinguistic Programming by Graham Nicholls
– Ancestral Trauma Healing by Thomas Hubl – currently enrolled
– Robbins-Madanes Core 100 Training – currently enrolled

Languages we can chat in

– English
– Spanish
– Brazilian Portuguese
– Lithuanian

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