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Are You a Deep Listener?

Deep listening is a thing: if you’ve ever felt that you weren’t truly seen in a conversation then you know it’s real.
How can we improve our listening skills?
What frameworks and reminders can we use?
I have some suggestions for you. That’s a mix of what psychology, Buddhist psychology, and nonviolent communication point to.

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Be a Quitter!

Sometimes, the way to encourage yourself is to…discourage yourself! Among so many reminders to “keep on going”, we also need reminders to quit the thing that’s wrong for you. This article and podcast episode are exactly that: a kind reminder that you can allow yourself to quit the things that don’t serve you anymore. You can put the tool of quitting into your personal development toolbox.

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It’s Time To Talk About Integrity

To think about integrity can be extremely useful when you feel that “something’s wrong.” If we take emotions as signals – as we should! – one of the ways to analyse them can be asking yourself a simple yet powerful question: Are my actions aligned with my values?