What Is Empowerment to You?

You know those moments when you feel strong? When you kinda look around and say, “You know what, I feel like…myself right now”?

Isn’t it interesting to reflect when it happens? And maybe a more interesting question to ask: WHY it happens?

I’d say, questions like that are a really good starting point to uncover what it means for us to lead a life of authenticity and courage.

Oh yeah, and we to answer them with honesty (oooh the pain!).

For me, a lot of empowerment comes from not being silent. For speaking for myself and others, even when it’s uncomfortable (because usually, it is!). I have these “look at me, doing well, remembering my values” tap-on-the-shoulder moments. In other words, I feel strong and empowered when I feel like I’m not compromising my life mission — even if it also feels like I’m holding onto it just my fingertips!

In this episode, I know that I ask a lot of questions. But they’re only valuable if you take a moment to honestly and openly reflect on them.

Oh yes, and I also share a beautiful quote that – DANGER DANGER – can be potentially life-changing.

Watch the video and remember what you’re truly about. And be that amazing emowered person.

When do you feel most like yourself?⁣ The topic of #empowerment can seem very vague and superficial. So how do we deconstruct it so it serves us?⁣
⁣What can it mean to us and where do we go from there?⁣
#courage #coaching #motivation #mentalhealth


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