Are You Owning Your Life Story?

I know that it’s your life that you’re living, but are you truly owning it? And what would that mean?

That might sound like a weird question: “Are you owning your life story?”

“Of course I am..” you might proudly say.


Are you owning ALL of it or just the parts that are pleasant, comfortable, something you’re proud of — or are you putting the work to integrate all of your parts and experiences, even the unpleasant ones?

In psychology, we can look into the concept of integration. Connecting the dots, working on self-acceptance.

In Internal Family Systems therapy, we can talk about integrating – instead of orphaning – our parts.

In my episode, I present to you what meaningful starting points for this work can be.

I try to answer several questions, such as:

Can we own our life stories without orphaning any part or experience? And what dangers do we have to navigate here?

I share a personal story, too, as a cautionary tale of one of those dangers.

I hope you take the time to listen and reflect on how you’ve been doing in this respect. Because without that integration it’s difficult to talk about healing. And without healing it’s even more difficult to talk about a profound sense of empowerment.

Thank you for doing the work.

“Be an active participant in your own life” is the motto of this page after all.


PS. I promised to link to my episode on how not to take things personally — here it is!


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