How Is Your Judging Mind Doing?

When we have for so long been judged by everyone we meet, just to look into the eyes of another who does not judge us can be extraordinarily healing.

Jack Kornfield

What’s wrong with judgemental thoughts? They don’t do any harm if we don’t express the judgement, after all, right?

But is this thought pattern really harmless?

In short, it’s not. It can affect us in different ways – both sneaky and harmful.

Before I tell you more about it, I want to say that I myself come from a very judgemental background: lots of passive aggressiveness, patronising comments, and body-shaming — just to name a few cultural tendencies. This is what I grew up in. It was all completely acceptable (and, to some extent, still is).

So I had a choice: either normalise and practice it or consciously reject it. Luckily, probably because of exposing myself to different countries (and different “let me judge you in public” standards), I’ve chosen to inspect that judging mind of mine. And oh my what a beautiful thing that choice has been!

I share some of the more profound benefits of judging less with you in my episode.

For a deeper dive into your self-talk, I have a workshop for you! 🙏🏾

I’m giving these workshops for free now in the cities where I happen to be (Medellín, Colombia, and São Paulo, Brazil), so please follow me on Instagram below now to miss me in your town! ❤️


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