Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism

Day 4: Creativity

Seth Godin tells us that in order to do creative work – which sounds a lot like many things we do in life – we must detach ourselves from the desire to know the outcome. If I do A, it might not lead to B.

Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism

Day 3: Courage

What are those small acts of courage that we can choose to do even when our choices are otherwise limited in this pandemic? What does it mean to live a wholehearted life?

Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism


It’s not a challenge, really (I’ve only chosen a trendy), but an invitation to open ourselves up to one single concept each day, to think about it more deeply, and see what it does to us. What it unlocks. Kindness, compassion, courage, and everything that comes with them.

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