Do You Trust Science When It Comes to High Performance?

High performance is a real thing. More interestingly, it’s something that can be deconstructed and presented to us in the form of habits. Why wouldn’t we like to know what they are?

On The Importance of Allowing Ourselves to Feel What We Feel

If emotions are signals, we better learn how to read them instead of pushing them away. It’s not an easy tasks but if we want a life of self-knowledge and meaning, we truly can’t skip it.

Do You Know Your Near Enemies of Compassion?

Are we acting out of compassion or is it something else? Learn about the near enemies of compassion as presented by Chris Germer and based on Buddhist psychology.

The Mind is Not to Be Trusted — But Its Observer Is

Working with our minds isn’t easy. But maybe we’re approaching this work in a wrong way?
Listen to what Michael Singer has to say about mindfulness — and what beautiful metaphor he presents to us.

Can We Drop One Basic But Important Expectation?

Have you ever assessed your source of unhappiness and found it to be something rather ridiculous?
Even when it’s something real? If we deepen our mindfulness practice – or simply use this reminder – we can experience more freedom and lightness, even when we’re in pain.

What Pride Month Actually Asks From Us

On Pride Month or any other month, I invite you to choose a part of your legacy to be to create a society (a community!) that is a bit more open, a bit more inclusive, and a bit more compassionate. But I hope that legacy involves speaking out for our LGBTQ community. That is nothing “in addition” to our compassion, kindness, and courage. That’s what they look like in action.

Are There More Dimensions to Our Liberation?

Could there be more dimensions to our liberation?
This was the question that came to mind as I was watching an interview with ALOK.
ALOK (Alok Vaid-Menon) is a writer, public speaker, and artist whose very existence seems threatening to some.
Why? You’ll see it in this interview.