When Things Are Tough

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At the heart of the creative practice is trust: the difficult journey to trust in your self, the often hidden self, the unique human each of us lives with. – Seth Godin

Sometimes, fear, insecurities, and self-doubt take over.

Whatever journey you’re on, it can get really tough at times.

That is all OK and understandable, and we’ve all been there (heck, some of us are there right now!).

What I wanted to share with you today are three resources that can help us face our struggles with grace.

These are frameworks, advice from different disciplines, beautiful words of empathy and encouragement, and a mix of these three.

First, I encourage you to check the language you’ve been using with yourself.

  • Is there empathy?
  • Is there kindness?
  • Are you showing yourself what Carl Rogers would call unconditional positive regard?
  • Or, as Jordan Peterson writes in his 12 Rules for Life book, can you be a friend to yourself and act like your wellbeing is in your own interest?

It’s insane how much is in the language we use with ourselves. Let’s make sure we’re not sabotaging ourselves from an early morning.

Second, I invite you to assess the habits you currently have.

What action is your identify fuelling today?
(a suggestion: it might be following me on Instagram!)

  • Are they in line with your life mission, your self-imagine, and, to use simple language, your values?
  • Are you helping yourself to be the kind, energised, and enthusiastic you that you’d like to be?

A morning walk to get that natural light in (and get a healthy spike of cortisol), a cold shower to stay even more alert and focus, a nutritious meal to fuel yourself so you can take on the projects you want to take on?

So much is in the simple things — the things we can control.

Lastly, I kindly ask you to listen to this episode by Brendon Burchard.

Brendon himself and his podcast (and videos…and books….and courses:) was one of the biggest discoveries I’ve had in the past years.

You can quickly see why Brendon is THE person when it comes to personal development. His knowledge, enthusiasm, attitude, and kindness is exactly what you might need today. Or any day!

I hope you enjoy.

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