Watch Your Language!

Have you ever talked yourself out of something scary but meaningful?

Do you ever find yourself not being able to say NO as assertively as you would like to?

Are you encouraging your friends on their endeavours but don’t seem to be as enthusiastic about your journey?

I’ve been there. Not from theory but my own personal experience I can confirm that the power of our self-talk is HUGE.

That’s why I like the following saying:

Change your language, change your life.

This is what various disciplines – as major as psychology and neuroscience! – tell us.

But how to do it exactly?

What language patterns should we be aware of?

How can we start changing them?

In this mini-series within my podcast, I explore three aspects of our everyday language use: self-compassion, choice, and action.

Are you holding yourself with compassion?

Does your language imply your own agency in your life?

Do you discourage or encourage yourself with your language?

Alternatively, listen to the first episode here:

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