Have You Been Talking to Yourself Kindly?

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Have you ever engaged in negative self-talk?

Has it ever been so bad that you were telling yourself something you would never say to others?

Have you ever been beating yourself up again and again for something that happened a long time ago? Here is my podcast episode on exactly that.

A lack of compassion towards ourselves is no joke.

It’s not a pleasant way to live.

Constant negative self-regulation, playing small, and seeing anything that didn’t go “how it was supposed to go” as a failure serves no purpose. It’s not shameful to do it but we definitely don’t need to tolerate it. 

It surely doesn’t serve any purpose in my life. Having gone through some pretty rough negative self-talk patches in my life, I have decided that I need to take care of this. I need to take care of my head because the negative voices of society are already loud enough.

Even if it takes time, even if it’s hard to rewire yourself, even if the fruits of this labour aren’t seen right away – isn’t it worth it?

Do I want to live my whole life without having ever truly befriended myself?

Now that’s costly. 

However compassionate or mean your self-talk is at the moment, the good news is this is something we can always improve! We can work on it. We can put that conscious effort.

What we need to do is to fully accept three simple steps that this hard but rewarding work entails.

Check out what those steps are here, in this episode. I honestly cannot wait for you to hear what they are.

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