A Reminder For When You’re Stressed

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Stress lives in the body.

Since my whole second season is on discomfort, it’s time for an important reminder:

Taking care of ourselves when we’re moving through discomfort is not a luxury.

We can live without luxuries.
We can’t go on if we’re constantly burned out.

If this is how you’re feeling or know someone who does, listen up.

In the video an the podcast episode there’s a reminder of why it’s important to be kind to ourselves when things are tough and how certain things that seem unimportant become the base for us to go on from.

In this episode, I share a personal story, give some small examples of what we can do to prioritise our health, and as promised, here are some resources – more reminders and actual tools! – that you can check out.

And, as always, you can listen to this episode here:

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