Have You Assessed Your Habits Lately?

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If you’ve ever heard someone brag about a new healthy habit they have formed recently you probably wanted to roll your eyes (at least a bit).

Yes yes, habits are very important.

But they truly are, and that’s why we need to talk about them.

Habits can either serve us or reinforce our limiting beliefs.

They can also help us establish our identity if we’re willing to truly commit to pursuing our curiosity.

In this episode, I reflect on two categories of habits.

One, habits that we might be keeping since a long time ago, but also something that serves us.

Two, habits we might be forming later in life: habits that come in a form of commitments and have the power to create a positive shift in our identity.

Check it out.

I talk about Seth Godin and his book, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work; I mention Brendon Burchard and his High Performance Habits; and I refer to neuroassociations, which is one fascinating thing you can read more about here.

…and for the ones who scrolled all the way, a compilation of some of the places where I’ve lived and would go for my longer or shorter runs (an objectively good habit, yay!)

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