The Dangers of Shaming Self-Talk

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What’s the difference between “I did something bad” and “I am bad”?

That’s the difference between guilt and shame.

And what such self-talk correlates with will scare you.

In the very first episode of my Watch Your Language! podcast mini-series, I talk about the importance of self-compassion. This is something Buddhist psychology has been encouraging us to do for ages (literally), and this is what actual empirical research has proven.

In her interview with Oprah, Brené Brown – a researcher I have been mentioning in most of my articles – defines the difference between shame and guilt and warns us of the dangers of our shaming self-talk.

What does such talk correlate with?

Among other things, that is addiction, depression, and aggression.

(As I’ve said – this is scary stuff.)

But the interview itself isn’t! It’s filled with laughter, A-HA moments, and honesty. It will guide you away from shame and towards authenticity, love, and belonging.

It’s clear that to leave our self-talk unexamined is literally life-threatening. Take that right action now: listen to this episode.

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