Top Three Beliefs That Move Us Forward

Why would we ever do anything, including work on ourselves?

I was talking to a person dear to me recently and we wandered into a question that is very much at the core of this project, Investigative Selfism:

Why would we do anything, ever?

My reflections led me to this episode.

I believe that behind any investment in ourselves, we find three ideas that can continue moving us forward in times of good and bad.

1. I matter

How I feel matters, how I am with myself and others matters, what I do matters.

2. I have agency

I am capable of affecting change in my own life.

3. I have options

No matter how limited my options may seem sometimes, there is space for me to choose my actions, my intentions, how I see the world, and how I want to show up in it.

These ideas might seem simple — but to truly believe in them requires a lot of work. And reminders, like this podcast episode/video!

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