The Second Season of Investigative Selfism Podcast Is Here!

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After a long break, I’m very excited to tell you that my podcast – and my videos, clearly! – are back.

The learning and unlearning didn’t stop, nor did my desire to share everything with you.

I’m very excited to dive more deeply into a number of topics, but first – a wrap-up of my first season with a (very unsexy, oh my!) description of what waits ahead.

My apologies for the ambiance sounds: I was filming this during my travels (where? see the Instagram post below) and hey, that was NOT a controlled environment:).

Don’t miss a post!

One response to “The Second Season of Investigative Selfism Podcast Is Here!”

  1. […] a rich conversation – I hope you take the time to watch or at least listen to it. PS. In the first episode of the second season of my podcast, I said the umbrella under which most of my episodes will fall […]

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