Expert Conversations on Trauma, Part 1: Dr. Gabor Maté

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Trauma is real and at this point well researched.

Yet it’s a topic so complex – with so much space for misinterpretation which can potentially obstruct someone’s healing – that we have to refer to experts if we want to have any constructive conversation on it.

And why not go straight to world-renowned ones?

Dr. Gabor Maté is an easy choice here. He is a physician and author, and his areas of expertise include childhood development, trauma, and addiction.

What happens to us in our childhood shapes us more than we might think.
Addiction is a symptom, not the cause.

Depression is us coping with the pain we carry.

So much is covered in this conversation (Tim Ferriss is an excellent interviewer). It’s such a rich conversation – I hope you take the time to watch or at least listen to it.

PS. In the first episode of the second season of my podcast, I said the umbrella under which most of my episodes will fall (and, in a way, have fallen previously!) is discomfort. To say that trauma and the mechanisms we adapt are ‘uncomfortable’ would be a completely insensitive understatement.

But it is a whole area in us where learning, unlearning, and healing can happen. And it definitely deserves a series of articles where I simply point to resources that you might find useful for your investigative selfism journey.

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