Momentum: What Does It Really Take to Get There?

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We all know it’s not enough to say “Just take that action!” – if anything, an encouragement like this can sound rather annoying.

(“Thanks, cool, yes, I’ll do it now, since you’ve said it…”)

To feel that momentum, we need much more.

So what is that exactly?

To deconstruct this concept is a monumental task (“I need some momentum to do it…” I thought to myself!)

There’s just so much to talk about, and so many different ways to approach it.

In my episode, I present to you one of the ways to do that.

Let me illustrate it visually here, too.

If we “go back” – from seeing yourself take that action, feeling great, and wanting to take another step (hence, feeling that momentum!) – we find a couple of steps in between.

One of them is assessing our body-language-focus triad, something neurolinguistic programming talks a lot about.

  • In what physical state is my body, really? Do I speak silently, without confidence, or do I speak a bit more loudly, asserting myself? (not in an arrogant way, of course)
  • How do I stand? Do I ever move my body?
  • Do I focus on I’ve always been a loser or do I focus on what obstacles I’ve overcome in my life? Do I think about the painful experiences from my past or do I think about the exciting things that are awaiting?

This is SO important. And we don’t even need science to tell us how a single shitty thought can affect our physiology and, the other way round, how we feel much better when we do something that reminds us that we ARE in fact physically strong. We’ve all felt it.

And it’s not about toxic positivity.

It’s not about telling yourself everything’s fine when it isn’t, not allowing yourself to feel and acknowledge the whole spectrum of emotions we feel as people.

It’s about not ruminating on what doesn’t serve us.

The second part is connecting to our deeper WHY.

This is what allows us to go from “Oh no, I really don’t feel like vacuuming the house” to “Of course! I see myself as a great and thoughtful housemate, and someone who can be disciplined.”

I understand this is a basic example. I think end result of constantly connecting to our values and identity is much more profound than cleaning the house.

I can lead to hard choices. To tough decisions. To lots of quitting things, starting over, moving on, and leaning into.

And, together with putting yourself in a better physical state, it can lead to that momentum, damn it.

I’m very proud of this episode. Listen to it here:

And now – as promised! – the references.

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