The Pandemic Sucks. Its Lessons Don’t, Though

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“Raise your hand if you’ve been feeling low during this pandemic…” – there’s no need to ask this question, I think.

It has sucked a lot and for a long time now.

Precisely because of that, I believe we should really appreciate all the new knowledge, understandings, and insights we have gained during this time.

I must admit: I myself would love to have gained them in any other way but this.

I would love to have had my profound and not-so-profound realisations without actually having gone through the experience that brought them to me.

How absurd is this, right?!

I go more deeply into this topic in my episode. Please do check it out!

You can find the article on loneliness and connection that I mention in this episode here.
You can find my UNLOCKED IN A LOCKDOWN challenge here.

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