Beware: The Stressor Might Be Gone, But The Stress Might Not

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Is it enough to remove the stressor from our lives to be done with stress?

Weirdly, the answer is NO.

How can this be the case? What does neuroscience say about it? Most importantly, how do we release stress then?

In an eye-opening episode of her Unlocking Us episode, Brené Brown talks to Amelia and Emily Nagoski on their research on stress and burnout.

What they have found is that burnout happens when we continuously disallow our bodies to finish going through the tunnels of emotions we are experiencing.

When we get stuck.

Even when we “solve” the situation that has been causing stress, the stress itself is still in our bodies


They’ve identified several major activities that help us release it:

  • moving
  • laughing
  • connecting to others
  • crying
  • creating

This is one amazing piece of research that has the power to change your life. Don’t hesitate, listen to it now.

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