How Can We Bring Mindfulness to Work?

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The work we do on ourselves and with ourselves is extremely important.

But how can we bring that mindfulness, that empathy, that deep listening, and thoughtfulness to work?

It is by no means easy. And your effort alone isn’t enough. Yet there is a technique I’d like to share with you.

It’s called adopting a leader’s mindset. In short, when you see yourself as a leader, you start asking different – more empowering – questions.

How can I help my colleagues?
How can equip them better?
How can I listen to them more deeply? How can I serve them?

If it sounds too simple then…it should be easy to try it out, right?

Go ahead and listen to this podcast episode. Check it out.

Actually, don’t JUST check it out: apply it at work and see what happens!

You can find the article – on identity and action – that I mention in this episode here.

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