Can We Have Empowerment without Healing?

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There are many ways to define empowerment – the topic of so much of what I talk about – and any progress toward being the authentic and intentional selves matters.

But is there something else?

Is there something we can put the work to uncover that would help us move forward in significant ways?

I think there is. And I have to mention it when I talk about empowerment.

I don’t know what it is for you and I don’t know where that healing lies. But I want to invite you to embark on that journey as it can only be rewarding.

What Does Courage Look Like for You? Investigative Selfism

Have you ever reflected on what courage means to you? I'd say, to lead a life that's authentically ours, sometimes (always?:) we need to engage in active reflection – and take conscious action – towards the kind of person we want to be. But let me explain it in my episode!
  1. What Does Courage Look Like for You?
  2. How Not to Take Things So Personally?
  3. What's Wong With Perfectionism?
  4. Can We Have Empowerment without Healing?
  5. Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

Explore what different health professionals say about trauma here.

See the book by Michael Singer that I reference in my episode here.

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