Do You Trust Science When It Comes to High Performance?

There are ways to define a type of performance that is not destructive — and there are ways to measure what habits are more likely to result in it.

If you trust the scientific method (or if you trust statistics at least!), you will be delighted to hear about a study that was done years ago on high performance. At least I sure was when I heard Brendon Burchard talk about it for the first time!

“Wait, if we have a survey big enough, we can identify the habits that lead to high performance?” was my “Aha!” moment.

The good news is that not only it is possible but it already exists.

In fact, the whole BOOK exists that explains in detail what habits are the most common among people who we define as high performers: people who are not only at the top of their industry or area they’re in, but also the ones who have maintained their health and healthy social connections.

In other words, the study on high performance habits answers the following question:

What habits do people who perform really well – but haven’t sacrificed their health and relationships for it – have in common?

What matters to high performance?

The answers may surprise you. They will definitely inform you, though. And, if taken as advice, they can literally change your life.

I myself discovered this concept – and the whole library of work by Brendon Burchard – just before the pandemic hit (what an excellent time to have discovered some empowering resources!). I read the High Performance Habits early into my Brendon phase (the phase still continues, I must admit) and have been recommending it to everyone who’s at least slightly interested in this topic.

That might be you!

Now, let me invite you to listen to this informative and, especially towards the end, nicely emotional conversation with Brendon Burchard.

I hope it gives you the information and motivation that you might need today.

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