Season Three Is Here And It’s All About Empowerment! But What Is It, Really?

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The concept of empowerment is much more than how to keep ourselves motivated and work on our confidence.

It’s about the tools we have to live more fully, to know how to face challenging situations and navigate complex issues.

That’s why it is the topic of my whole third season! There is just so much to cover!

The second season of Investigative Selfism podcast focused on discomfort: how we can normalise it, reframe it in a healthier way, and move through it.

Now, it only makes sense to extend this topic into empowerment itself.

Let’s do this!

And thank you for being on that important journey of self-knowledge, or, as I call it, investigative selfism!

After you’ve watched the quick welcome video above, please listen to this episode here:

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