What Does “Choosing Your Battles” Mean?

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How do less drama and more meaning sound?

You might have heard the saying “choose your battles.”

Although it can be deconstructed in many ways, what it means is an invitation to choose where we’re putting our time, energy, and emotional labour.

What I do in this episode is give you four points that can serve as more specific frameworks for us to assess a situation – or…our way of being! – to decide whether something IS indeed a battle worth choosing.

These points are:
– checking our egos (ouch)
– getting some perspective in
– addressing our codependent tendencies
– identifying and aligning with our mission and values.

I think this is so important in the broader context of empowerment (which is the topic of the third season of my podcast). Why?

Because only when we choose those battles wisely and learn not to invest ourselves into what’s trivial, unhealthy, or just not what we’re about we can make time and space for what truly matters, right?

I hope you enjoy my video and/or my podcast episode and share it with your loved ones!

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