The Unofficial Psychology of Travels

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Can we take the spark of a certain extraordinary experience and bring it to our regular lives?

I think it’s not easy but it is, thankfully, possible.

For me, that experience is definitely travelling. It is something that has shaped me immensely and has enriched my life in ways I could never imagine.

But what is it about it that changes the way I am?

In this episode, I share my thoughts with you on exactly that and some suggestions on how we can “extend” that experience when we’re not technically in it anymore.

It doesn’t have to be travelling for you. But I hope you have one!

PS. Did I record this episode early in the morning, before taking a train and then a bus to go see my old friend in Lisbon? Yes! …and did I edit it another morning before continuing our catch-ups and going to see another place in Portugal? Also yes!

I can feel I am on that higher level of observing things, being present, and definitely being extremely grateful for everything.

The photos in this post are from Alexandria, Egypt, which I mention in my episode.

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