On Where/Who You Are

Once upon a time, in the good ol’ pre-pandemic times, I took the train to Edinburgh. My snack supplies were coming to their end, beautiful scenery was emerging, and an exciting long weekend was ahead. It was a long-awaited family weekend that not even a potentially terrible weather could stop. How terrible was the weather … Continue reading On Where/Who You Are

On a Strange(ly Beautiful) Memory Disorder

I was brushing my teeth the other day and, suddenly, I was on a rooftop in India, sharing some heavily overpriced beers with my new travel companions. Fireworks went off, we all looked at each other rather confused, and then realised it was probably because the cricket match between India and Pakistan had just ended. … Continue reading On a Strange(ly Beautiful) Memory Disorder

Curitiba? Curitiba!

I must tell you I was very skeptical about this place. I had to go there for work recently, and the idea of leaving São Paulo with all of its cool people did not seem too appealing. After a night on a (freezing, as always, bus), I found myself in an environment of that bus-like … Continue reading Curitiba? Curitiba!

The Endless Coolness of São Paulo

Some time ago, I had a discussion with a friend on a topic that doesn’t really have any valid answer. We were discussing when it is…somehow appropriate to say that you’re actually living in a place instead of just travelling or staying there temporarily. What would be the factors involved: how much you’ve seen in … Continue reading The Endless Coolness of São Paulo

Time to Have a Talk on Travel Talk

I remember being stuck on a bus (and then continuing being stuck on a metro) with some students from my university in Budapest several years ago, at some point just honestly asking them, “Can we pleeeeeease talk about something else than our classes? For example, I don’t know how about you, but I am personally … Continue reading Time to Have a Talk on Travel Talk