How To Give Discomfort More Meaning

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“Why don’t you tell the kids about your prison experience?”

Wait, what?

It’s a sentence you might not hear often. Unless you’re me and you’re kindly asked to talk about politics to students once in a while.

In my podcast episode, I mention this story briefly and I’ll link to it in a second.

But what I talk about in it is how discomfort oftentimes is a price we have to pay for the lives we want to live. They don’t have to involve politics or prisons, but it’s good to know that “a good life” will probably never mean zero discomfort.

So we either try to avoid it or normalise it and see it as the price we pay for a life of integrity.

Before I proceed, my abovementioned prison story – in a more humorous form – here, while the reasons why that story happened lie in parts of my political project.

Please listen to this episode here:

…and a cute screenshot from an introduction to my talk:)

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