Are There More Dimensions to Our Liberation?

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I have stopped seeking validation from the same system that denies my existence. – ALOK

Discovering our limiting beliefs is great.

Inspecting the habits that don’t serve us is amazing.

Uncovering our unhealthy views about relationships and slowly changing them is life-changing.

But could there be more dimensions to our liberation?

This wasn’t the first time I’d think of the concept of gender, of course, but it was a question that came to mind as I was watching an interview with ALOK.

ALOK (Alok Vaid-Menon; they/them) is a writer, public speaker, and artist whose very existence seems threatening to some.

Why? You’ll see it in this interview.

What is threatening is their way of living that not only defies gender norms (which might not be seen as a big deal these days in some places) but their radical self-compassion that is needed to live a life of authenticity, of choosing to be yourself even if that means not belonging everywhere.

If you haven’t listened to ALOK before, they will blow your mind.

Listen, enjoy, relisten, take notes, and share it with your friends.

PS. Gender is one big construct that no-one can escape. No-one is born into some utopian gender-neutral society, without patriarchal structures, without sexist preconceptions, and certain rules or “suggestions” of how we should be.

And even if you don’t think those rules are somehow limiting YOU, they are surely very much limiting so many people.

And simply to realise, acknowledge, and honestly talk about it is liberating in itself.

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