Can You Notice Different Forms of Emotional Manipulation?

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Let’s be honest: questioning yourself is not a bad thing in itself – if anything, you should do it once in a while!

Once in a while you might also find yourself in a position where you really need to defend yourself, which is not the same as being defensive.

However, when you’re pushed into one or both of these situations, you might be emotionally manipulated.

This is one of those situation when you “feel something’s wrong” but might not have the language to name what it is exactly. That’s how it is for me at least!

Because of that, putting the framework of emotional manipulation into our toolbox can be so powerful.

In other words, it’s another tool to make sense of our human experience, and what can be more valuable than such tools?:)

I’ve already introduced Terri Cole to you in my post on boundaries: it has an informative and engaging interview inside, please give yourself the time to watch it if you haven’t yet!

In the following video, Terri deconstructs several major forms of emotional manipulation for you. She gives you examples and concrete advice on how to handle it – it’s great!

Prepare yourself a cup of hot beverage (maybe cacao for some antioxidants? That’s what I’m having right now) and, more importantly, prepare yourself to learn something you wished you had learnt years ago!

Please watch it and share it generously.

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