Four Reminders When Dealing With Family

If your family can be called functional, congrats – statistically, you’ve won a very important lottery!

If not – like me – you might need to put some work in when spending time with your folks.

For me, spending time with both of my parents at once can be a challenge. There’s a tendency for a younger me – less patient, more stubborn, but also more helpless – to appear, and an urge to throw my arms in the air and leave the room sometimes.

So yeaaaaah, learning how to deal with family is a big deal!

In my episode, I present four quick points that can serve as reminders for ourselves when spending time with family:

  • It’s a test for our patience and mindfulness,
  • It’s an opportunity to check how our boundaries are doing,
  • It’s a chance to see how compassionate we can be with the one who we might not like so much, and
  • It’s a reminder of what we don’t want to pass on and an encouragement to do the work needed.

It’s not our fault what happened to us and to our extended family that shaped us in certain ways.

But it’s our responsibility to learn how to deal with situations that are potentially unpleasant and unlearn what has been unwillingly passed onto us.

If not with us, when will it stop, right?



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