Nothing Changes Until We Change

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Epigenetics teaches that we, indeed, are not doomed by our genes and that a change in human consciousness can produce physical changes, both in structure and function, in the human body.  – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Isn’t it incredible to see science confirm something different religions or schools of thought have been implying for centuries or millennia?

I don’t know how about you, but I find it fascinating.

And the case of what mindfulness, being hopeful, and managing our thoughts well can do to our physiology is exactly this case.

“Our thoughts can make us sick.”

Something that Buddhist stories – and, I’m sure, other teachings from MANY YEARS AGO – would teach us is what modern neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics, and other disciplines now confirm.

In fact, by now it’s not even controversial!

It’s not “weird” to say that there is a strong connection between what we think, how that thought makes us feel, and what those emotions do to our body.

I mean, have you ever blushed due to a simple thought? Well, that’s the same thing.

But it’s explained so much more eloquently – and in detail! – by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

I have to admit that I would see his face flash in some strange-looking Youtube ads that I would disregard (because that’s what one does with Youtube ads, right? …unless one day you see MY video in an ad one day…. I’ll have to go back and make sure I delete this comment!:).

I didn’t realise then he IS a real scientist and a man who so nicely explains how exactly the way we think affects physical processes in our bodies.

Once we know it, we can’t unlearn it.

So be careful! if you were looking for more proof that investing in our mindset – and going deeper on that journey of investigative selfism – is a journey worth taking, here it is.

Watch it, rewatch it, and share it with your friends.

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