Can We Drop One Basic But Important Expectation?

Have you ever assessed your source of unhappiness and found it to be something rather ridiculous?

Even when it’s something real?

In the moment, it might not always seem funny.

But if you train yourself to “zoom out” and see the much bigger picture here, it can be a rather fun exercise.

What do I mean?

What I mean is taking an approach that I’d like to describe in two ways.

In the Buddhist tradition, it could be described as desire, the suffering caused by the difference between how a situation is and how we’d like it to be. It’s that duality that’s causing us pain.

In different schools of psychology, you might find it described as expectations you have that, when many “issues” are deconstructed, you see them underneath those issues, unmet.

One of such expectations is a pretty ridiculous one.:

“Things should always be as I want them to be.”

Let’s pause for a second. Please read it again.

If you don’t find this assumption funny in itself, just wait to see what question stems from it:

“Can’t everything just always be as I want it to be? Is this too much to ask?!”

Can I just live a life without any discomfort, where all of my expectations are met, I’m always healthy, and everyone understands me completely?


Yep, that’s what many things come down to.

That’s not to say that there is no pain, discomfort, and grief in our lives. That we can laugh off everything without letting ourselves sit with our heavy emotions.

But there is a lighter way to approach things.
There is a way to look at life with just a little bit more humour.

This is what this video is about, a teaching based on many other lovely teachings.

(It’s also a reminder of why so many world-renowned spiritual teachers have that lightness about them)

I hope you take the time to listen to what Michael Singer has to say.

And if life isn’t difficult now, let’s invest time in training ourselves – our mindset, our hearts – to be just a bit lighter, because we’ll surely need it one day.



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