Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism

Let me start my warm invite with a metaphor that involves cold.

It’s a metaphor that I wish was something I had invented.

As I was creating this challenge, I fell on ice.

It must have been pretty entertaining to watch coz it involved me flapping my arms in the air, probably uttering an uncensored phrase, and landing on my ass.

The time slowed down, and as my feet were in the air, I remember thinking, keeping my positivity, “Maybe it won’t hurt that much?”

And then, boom!

Those newtons hit the ground with the force they were supposed to. I felt the Earth slap me pretty hard. My puffy winter jacket literally didn’t save my ass. The pain was very real.

This is exactly how I see this pandemic and its multiple lockdowns:

I honestly thought I could have the fall without the pain.

One way or another – on our backs, sides, or asses – we’ve all fallen in this pandemic. Some more…elegantly than others, some only stumbled and continued walking.

That’s why I’ve decided to pull my resources together and create this seven-day challenge.

It’s not a challenge, really (I’ve only chosen a trendy), but an invitation to open ourselves up to one single concept each day, to think about it more deeply, and see what it does to us. What it unlocks.

I’ve chosen seven concepts, one metaphorically – and physically, in my blog – unlocking the upcoming one.

What to expect from each day of this challenge are powerful quotes, introductions to authors and thinkers, reflection exercises, a personal story that ties all of this together, and links to further resources.

What are those resources? Among others, we’ll have podcasts, interviews, and even a quiz measuring something I bet you thought is impossible to quantify!

It’s gonna be a beautiful week. I kindly invite you to join me on it.


That icy road, my nemesis…

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