Closing the Gap

That’s it. It’s September.

I’m in Budapest, there are several articles printed out – in the greenest format possible, no worries – on my desk awaiting to be read, coffee to be drunk just to get me in the mood of studying, and Facebook opened just to sabotage that futile effort to do academic work.

Backpack mode is off until a long weekend comes. What is on is panicking over potentially not having time to travel.

And I haven’t even told you about how I finished my summer! There were two music festivals about which I didn’t blog. But I only see it as a good thing because, to be honest, none of these festivals was a life-changing experience. It was surely a fun experience, but I will allow myself some personal growth here by not trying to pretend each activity I engage in deserves a blog entry. No matter how cool it is.

How cool is coming back to studying?  Let me tell you when this week ends.

The rhetoric question of the week could be this: how conscious was my decision to return to the academic life track knowing how much the society approves it and sucks in individuals who might not be highly aware of other, non-academic, paths to knowledge?

I can only speculate. Although, frankly, there isn’t that much time to do so because the classes have hit me with some unexpected (well, maybe expected but systematically rejected) intensity.

Soon, I will enlighten all those interested in how my first weeks in Budapest were. A sneak preview: they were brilliant!

Now, I would like to finish this entry not by some extensive philosophical analysis of how rewarding my so-called gap year was, but by a quote I have recently stumbled upon. Fortunately, it applies to both students and travellers:

“There are friends, lovers and family waiting to meet you all over the world.

Go meet them.”

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