Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism
My welcome message!

“No way!” and “It does make sense” are both acceptable reactions to the following statement:

We have now entered the second year of the pandemic. Oh my.

If there is a good time to pull all the good resources – all the positivity, all the tips, teachers, and empowering quotes – together and share them, it’s now.

This is what this challenge is about: to summon that energy, that kindness, and that courage, and to trust ourselves a bit more.

In this time of uncertainty, there is so much that we are in fact in control of.

Let’s rediscover what that is!

Please read my opening message, below, for more details. Like many of my stories, it also contains a weird domestic metaphor.

Thank you so much for being here – I hope you stay throughout the week!


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