(Bonus!) Day 8: Action

Unlocked in a Lockdown - Investigative Selfism

Identity fuels action.

“What? But I thought it was a seven-day challenge?!”

It was. And it has a bonus day!

Action: that’s the topic for today that I will mostly approach by throwing quotes at you.

I thought it was important to have encouraged you – and myself – to take that action that you’ve been postponing to take.

A challenge is only as valuable as what stems from it.

The doing of the thing is the thing.

Just like generosity is practice, so are kindness, self-compassion, courage, creativity, energy, and setting intentions. And everything’s within our control.

If there’s something you think will make someone else’s day – or maybe your day? or – a crazy idea – both? – do it. Start the week forming that positive neuroassociation. Set the intention to be more energised and generous.

I think you get the idea.

Also, you’ve already taken action by participating in this challenge! That’s cool in itself! That counts. And I truly want to thank you for that. If you’ve listened to my audio for today, I hope it makes sense when I say:

We have all fallen on that ice. The action is to stand up and continue walking. With an aching back, but also with empathy for ourselves and others. Wholeheartedly.

Remember Seth Godin, from previous days of this challenge? He also kindly tells us this:

We make a difference in the world when we seek to make a difference. Not because it’s easy, but because it matters.

We take the action not because it’s easy, but because it matters.

And a reminder from Brené, of course:

Choose courage over comfort. Choose whole hearts over armour. And choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid. At the same exact time.


Go reflect on how awesome you are for having gone through this challenge!

Resource of the Day

One, a PDF with all the reflection exercises from this challenge!

In case you’d like to have all of them in one place. No need to come here and make those multiple clicks! It will upset the stats of my page, yes, but I’d rather not upset your patience.

Two, a song!

Let’s all start the week (and…live our lives…) with the energy of the main character of this clip!

Three, my podcast!

This is my BIG action! I have a lot share and I have decided to actually go for it.

So this is my invitation for you: to keep this momentum going. Check out my podcast – it’s all about that momentum!

Four, my contact details and a big THANK YOU!

The Instagram Justina(s). The actual Justina is wearing a warm jumper at the moment – not that there’s anything wrong with jumpers! You actually get to see that specific jumper in my video for this day

This challenge filled my heart with joy, really.
And, a positive externality I didn’t expect, it has also given me an opportunity to “look like how I used to look” this week. You see, I hadn’t changed my outfits with this frequency since last year.

“I definitely don’t have the wardrobe for a 30-day challenge…” was a realisation I had.

In short, it was very exciting:)

But really, thank you all so so much for your time! I hope it’s not the last time we see each other.

For that to be easier, you can always follow me here and on Spotify.

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