Expert Conversations on Trauma, Part 2: Dr. Bruce D. Perry

What happens to us in our childhood shapes the way our brain develops.

How we respond to the world is how it makes sense for us to respond to it.

Trauma – including neglect – plays an enormous part in all this.

And there is a pathway to healing.

In the second piece of my Expert Conversations on Trauma series (the first one is here), you’ll hear Dr. Bruce D. Perry talk about the book he has recently co-authored with Oprah.

Dr. Perry is a psychiatrist, researcher, and childhood trauma expert.

Oprah is an amazing and incredibly empathetic storyteller who’s collected stories on trauma throughout her life and who shares her own painful story of trauma in this very book, too.

(It’s an amazing book and yes, I have indeed read it myself.)

What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing has a mix of neuroscience, psychology, and heart-warming (including heart-breaking) stories.

It’s educational, it’s engaging, it’s beautiful, and it can give us hope.

One of the most important points in this book is that we heal through our relationhips. We heal in community.

If you’re interested in trauma, if you see the value of learning more deeply about ourselves and others, please check out this book, listen to the podcast episode I’ve shared or watch the video below.

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