One Small Habit with Big Science Behind It That You Might Want to Try

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“Thinking alone won’t get you to change. You actually have to take the actions that change everything.” – Mel Robbins

I really like Mel Robbins. I like her honesty, the no-bullshit approach, and how almost unexpectedly beautifully she talks about life and the need to be the person who actually likes and supports yourself.

This interview was such a treat and I simply have to share it with you.

I also like when “what someone claims is good” is backed by actual research, and, in this case, there’s quite a lot of it!

I hope you take the time to watch it (or, like I did originally, listen to it on Spotify).

I hope you have an important realisation that the benefits of training ourselves to be our own friends are vast, exciting, and beautiful.

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