Another Leap (this time to the South)

Salvador beach time

For a second, Frankfurt looked like Bangkok: grey tallish buildings with a lot of trees in between them. It instantly took me back to 2011 – I remembered looking through the windows of the BKK skytrain on my way from the airport with awe, not being able to realise that I was indeed in Thailand.

Now, I was on a train passing the outskirts of Frankfurt, heading to the airport with a suitcase full of summer clothes again.

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted an entry entitled “A Great Leap to the East”. I guess I would have a separate series of entries of such dramatic titles by now if I had been blogging for longer (damn it). My Middle East stage has abruptly ended (“stage” – what a formal way to call one of the most amazing experiences of my life, the one that introduced me to such lovely people), and so after some months at home, it was high time to start a new one.

So I did.

I moved to Salvador, Brazil, which was motivated by many things. From politics to cinema, from language to climate, and, most importantly, people – there were many factors behind that motivation. Yet probably the most significant one was that secret fear that by the time my life ends, I will regret never have tried to live in a country that I’ve been sort of fascinated by for many years.

Whatever happens next, that fear is gone now. It’s a nice feeling.

Also, while applying for those millions of jobs from home, I encountered a rather nice quote:

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Even if that beginning doesn’t seem too magical, it was, just like those inspirational quotes, very much needed. Yet as I still can’t believe that I am indeed in Brazil, there is definitely some magic to it. Who knows, perhaps one of the greatest things that hopping continents has given me is the ability to notice that magic better. Let’s see now if it lasts.

ps. I discovered this band on my plane here, which both represents and helps to reinforce my “I’ve just moved to a new place” mood. So…you’re welcome:)

One response to “Another Leap (this time to the South)”

  1. How fitting that this is the first post of yours I’ve read in over one year! I leave you with this, still one of my favorites even after all my exposure living no Brasil!

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