No Rest for the Wicked: Getting Some Serious Points of Coolness Here

In contrary to helpful Buddhist teachings, I have been secretly denying the reality in which I have chosen to come back to since almost three months ago: I am in school again. However, my previous blog entry wasn’t about how I’m doing my readings, taking TV show episode breaks, and having “I’m caring less and less about my homework assignments” talks with my coursemates. It’s a good thing I have made this academics-neutral (or, academics-denying) thematic decision: it appears so that my life is indeed more than just studying. And one single part of that “more” has been so sweet that I can continue blogging without resorting to mundane, routine-describing topics! Farewell, potential blog entries on how happy I am that hummus was on sale last week, how I want to physically attack the superslow computers in our library every time I think “I’ll just print that page quickly and run to class”, or how nice it is to see mulled wine everywhere (though…I might in fact blog about this one at some point. Mmmm mulled wine…distracting!).

But so what is it so extraordinary that I want to write about?

Well, you know, just the fact that I INTERVIEWED DUB FX LAST WEEK!!!

This statement definitely deserves a high-pitch “say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?” comment, so if this is actually what your reaction was, congrats, the pop culture has affected you as much as it has embarrassingly affected me, too.

So here I was, chatting up Mr Benjamin (he has a name, yes) after his performance in one of the cool clubs in Budapest, while my friend was filming us with my definitely-not-for-such-occasions camera. But how on Earth did I get there? If you had asked me that ten days ago, I would have had no clue (“I’ll be interviewing DUB FX? What? HOW???”). No I have some, and let me quickly tell you how this all happened.

OK, since my university newspaper, The CEU Weekly, – of which I am the managing editor – received some press tickets to this Snowattack (check it out: there are music festivals in winter – weeeeeeird!) festival Warm Up Party, I was genuinely happy just to be going to this event for free. Students, free stuff: you know how nicely these two things add up. I had this creeping thought of mayyyybe even – somehow – getting an interview with DUB FX (or Chase and Status, or…whatever, it would have been cool to interview aaaanyone), but it seemed too good to be true. For someone from a uni newspaper, I mean. Yet Miss (/Mister, not to be sexist) Fortune had a pretty wicked plan for me: I met another organiser of the same event while volunteering for a different project, and she said she’d see what she can do: “I’ll see, maybe you could get an interview with Ben”.

That was enough to keep my energy levels unusually high for days to come. And when Friday came and, after having made some calls and then briefly talked to another girl at the event itself, I heard something absolutely incredible: “OK, after his performance you can get an interview”.

Instead of keeping my cool, as people – OK, and I, too – like to say, I thanked the girl annoyingly many times and, while DUB FX was performing (which was awesome in itself), was already waiting for our chat.

Here’s the link to my article and bits of the interview itself: so I won’t be telling you more about this. I mean, c’mon, the point was for me just to brag about this interview, not to give you all the details. Yet there is another, less arrogant point, to this story of mine. That point is: there is also reality outside of school, and it can be a really cool one.

OK, time to run to another drum’n’bass party. Budapest awaits.

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