Laos Series No. 1: The Impossibility of Travelling Alone

I went to Laos not long time ago and, not gonna lie, had a fantastic time there. It was so much fun that I simply feel I have to dedicate at least one blog entry to it. How sad is it – it is my third post and I already feel an obligation of sorts to write about my “untold” experiences.

Well, to give my “this is how much fun I had” story a slight philosophical spin (a bit naive of me to think so, I know), I would like to reflect on what my newly discovered travel companions and I had some discussions about.

That is, the (impossibility of) travelling alone.

“So you’re travelling just by yourself?” – a French guy asked me with an expression of great surprise on his face – “that’s a bit unusual as for a girl, isn’t it?”

“Eeeeh…” – I began my well-articulated sentence – “I might be, you know, sitting on a bus alone but then I reach whatever place I immediately meet someone.”

“So you must be a quite sociable person then?”

“I guess…I have to!”

And right after I uttered these axiom-like sentences, we quickly reached a conclusion which I myself hadn’t thought of before.

To travel by yourself is not difficult. In fact, it is rather impossible to travel alone!

You always meet people, no matter you want it or not. So, the seemingly reversed conclusion that we collectively formulated was that it would be challenging to travel alone even if that was what you preferred.

So here I was in a pub in Vang Vieng, chatting with people who I was, according to our conclusion, forced to meet and socialise with.

But that wasn’t all I did. I’d like to briefly tell you about several separate instances of my trip, which I am not even going to pretend I will connect in some logical way. If I had to put an umbrella above them, I’d simply call it “My Absurd Challenges.” In other words, I will take up the utilitarian approach here and write about something that, to my mind, will entertain you the most. Or will allow you to procrastinate more.

2 responses to “Laos Series No. 1: The Impossibility of Travelling Alone”

  1. zinau zinau- galejau daugiau pakomentuoti ka nors. bet zinai kaip buna- prirasai visko, o paskui pasirodo nera kaip paziureti to komentaro, ir lieki sau ji pasirasius:) bet ka cia bepridursi- perskaiciau ir taip “jooo, seseryna mano cia raso”. 🙂

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