Esther Perel: The Relationship Therapist You NEED to Listen to

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I don’t like to use shaming language but “Under what rock have you been living?!” does come to mind when I talk to someone who hasn’t heard of Esther Perel.

Well, instead of accidentally shaming people, let me introduce Esther to you!

Eroticism, infidelity, the changing role of marriage, the increasing expectations we have for our romantic interests, how to keep that passion alive, and so much more: during decades of her practice as a therapist, there is a LOT she is willing to share with us.

She’s also an overall cool lady who will captivate you with her way of speaking (in…nine languages, oh my!).

She has two podcasts, two books released, and has been a guest on so many wonderful podcasts and other shows that there’s just so much to consume!

I’m sure you won’t get enough of Esther in just one interview.

Still, here it is.

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