It’s OK to Ease into Non-Adventures, Sometimes

On my way to work, I have to move my body in weird ways (that can also be observed – from far away, to be safe – on the dance floor sometimes) to avoid a swarm of school kids on their tiny scooters. Like in an uncoordinated aerobics workout, I have to jump to one side, then the other, slow down a bit, then speed up to let those kids pass, once in a while locking eyes with a 6-year-old, unsuccessfully sending him or her kind signals that, hey, you’re literally coming at me (the signals are rarely understood).

I must say, it’s one of the best parts of my day!

Those tiny kids are incredibly cute, and I find it highly amusing that due to this morning routine I have developed a good sense of where kids on scooters might be coming from. I am aware now, you see (add a ninja move of your choice after this sentence).

“What would you say are the most interesting things about yourself?” I was asked recently, not in an entirely serious manner, but it did spark some reflection. Honestly, I would have been able to come up with some stories and events that can seem a bit more objectively interesting (or, rather, unexpected). After all, I did invent a theory, I have my HBO story, and although none of my tattoos were obtained in prison, I did serve some time there.

Instead of answering that question, I thought of two points.

One, very few things/facts/experiences make anything or anyone interesting by default. If anything, it’s probably how you tell that story.

Two, there’s a liberating realisation that your life doesn’t really have to interesting to others. As long as it’s interesting to you, the significance of any experience shouldn’t depend on the reaction it would have – and a relationship it would have with – the object it will be shared with.

Pushing it even further, your life doesn’t even have to be that interesting! “Interesting” is what you define it to be to yourself, and you don’t even have to set that adjective to be something you are after. I mean, it’s not a bad one, but it’s certainly not the only one.

I guess what I’m say is I wish we can all relax in the safety of being average human beings.


OK, I did answer that question in the end: the answer was a mix of some stories and the points I have just described, as I still felt the need to make my ego feel good (my ego’s ego was too big to thank me for that, how typical). What I would like to add to my answer now is scooters! Kids on scooters! They don’t make a cool story, but they are pretty freakin’ cool to me.

Also, here’s a photo of a cool tree I pass every day to work.



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