Like investigative journalism but looking inwards.

Investigative Selfism? What’s That?

That’s a good question! I know it has a weird name! But it’s my platform with various resources that can make our lives – unlike the title of this damn website – less complicated. But only if we seek that meaningful change.

The bad news is that meaningful change is hard.

It requires us to be honest with ourselves, to find that strong WHY behind what we really want to do, and to take uncomfortable action.

It sucks to admit that without new habits, there can’t be a new you.

Without generating energy, it’s hard to move forward.

And if we don’t manage our minds well, life is unnecessarily complicated.

The good news?

It’s very much worth it.

What’s more rewarding than becoming the realest, most authentic YOU that there is?

I am convinced that our journey inwards doesn’t have to be a grim duty.

It can be exciting, it can be fun, and, most importantly, we can do it in great company.

Who am I to be sharing these resources?

My name is Justina and I have started this page in 2011 first as a (young person’s:) travel blog.

It has then turned into “general observations” on life and now, more recently, I’ve turned it into a platform where I share the resources that I myself find insightful, something I wish I had discovered earlier, and something that I want all of my friends to know about.

This desire to embark on a journey inwards partially comes from having understood that I can continue hopping continents and feel all excited about that (coz it IS exciting!), but if I don’t put in the inner work, I’ll be bringing all the same old habits, limiting beliefs, and weak boundaries with me. So…no fun!

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Thanks for reading this!
And now, embark on that journey inwards!

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Are You Protecting Your Precious Mind?

What we consume and what people we spend time with is a big deal. It can affect our focus, our mood, what habits we have, and, in the end, how we choose to show up in this world.
I invite you to take some time and reflect on what you have been allowing into your life. Not because this reflection is something you “have” to do but because I want you to remember that YOU MATTER.

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Inspect Your Metaphors

The way we talk to ourselves and about ourselves is super important. This is where our entire world is formed! So let’s not add to the disempowerment that we might need to fight off outside of our heads — let’s use empowering metaphors instead.

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Four Reminders When Dealing With Family

Spending time with family can be hard. So how can we frame it for ourselves in ways that are healthier for us? What reminders do we need in this potentially stressful and frustrating situation? I share four such reminders in my episode.


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