Investigative, Selfism, And More

Before I continue with my 10th post, I think it’s high time I explained the very title of my website. Or, in case you were racking your brain for those months unable to find enough courage to ask me, I will reveal that secret to you.

This year – having a lot of free time, or, secretly  finding that time at work – I’ve been watching more documentaries than ever and became quite interested in investigative journalism. By “being interested” I mean I find it really cool. So the divine thought of finally starting blogging was formed in my head in the middle of watching John Pilger’s reports one after another. Unforgettable Cambodia-East Timor-Nicaragua-Laos marathon I was having then.


Yes, I’d like to have that in my blog. Yet investigative what?

And then another divine thought approached me (or, to my religious friends – was sent to me):

There is no point in hiding this – my blog will all be about me thus the subject/object of my “investigation” will be myself, my logic was telling me.

Self-ism, it will be self-ism!

I googled “selfism”, suspecting this word might actually correspond to some sort of philosophy not invented by me. Indeed, almighty Wikipedia mentions a philosophy or an approach based on explicitly selfish principles. Hmmm. OK, I can live with that. I will selfishly redefine selfism and use it in my blog.

Precisely because of the official selfishness and the “me-oriented” way of blogging I can drop any sort of attempt to uncover universal truths and enlighten my readers about something they themselves haven’t noticed or appreciated. I can also, just like I did with the term “selfism” itself, subjectively redefine various concepts, which might give you a better glimpse of what my present routine is like. I don’t know why anyone’s routine – that word almost radiates boredom – would be an interesting matter for someone to read about, yet here are a couple of things I have recently redefined for myself.

  • Tragedy redefined: trying to save up money for travels from a tiny stipend just to realise there is a second shot of expensive vaccine awaiting you just before the already planned trip.
  • Impossibility redefined: not turning your broomstick into a microphone stand when your computer shuffles a romantic 90s song while you’re cleaning your room.
  • Paranoia redefined: waking up in a good mood and suddenly noticing a 5-cm (2-inch:)bug on the floor. The actual paranoia part of this example is the fact that you have to come back home after work and act like a professional spy in your room: looking at every corner, being careful even when touching the light switch, and checking your chair before peacefully sitting down to do some unproductive work. And then, at night, you hear the bug and realise it must have crawled into the ceiling and might fall on you through one of the four ceiling lights.
  • Nonsense profession redefined: a professional spy.
  • Freedom redefined: doing yoga in your underwear while blasting Eric Carmen and The Shivers (you can check out the link now).
  • Sophistication redefined: a scarecrow in a purple dress and a wide brim hat. In a company of three other considerate scarecrows “wearing” the same model yet different colour dresses.
  • Laughing aloud redefined: take a look at this picture (it also redefines flavour).

Another thing you may have understood from this blog entry is how much free time I actually have to write about these redefinitions. Or, as I would selfishly say, to reflect on them.

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