I find learning and helping others learn to be one of the greatest joys in life.

I’ve done that as an onboarding specialist, customer coach, an educator, and, above all, a storyteller.

In addition to Investigative Selfism Blog and Podcast, I am working with marketing and communications in the field of development as well as freelancing as a political commentator and journalist.

I also give the following trainings:

Motivational Speeches

Even in a situation as uncertain as a pandemic, we still have a lot of agency in our lives.

How to generate that energy, how to feel connected, how to work on our self-talk, to stay true to and, most importantly, truly befriend ourselves?

If you have an idea for collaboration, please DO get in touch!

Contact me on social media or simply shoot me an email at

Conversational English Classes

Do you speak English already but would like to feel more comfortable with it?

Would you like to have a supportive and friendly companion on your journey from an intermediate level to an advanced one?

Let’s talk – get in touch today!

Send me an email or connect on social media and we’ll take it from there.

Academic Writing Workshops

Are you unsure of your English writing skills?

Would you like to be able to create clear and impactful texts?

Let me share my 15 years of experience in this area in just three hours.