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It’s OK not to know if you’re living your authentic life. Life can seem discouraging, confusing, uncertain, and with too many options of “being” sometimes.

But through a conversation that is loving, shame-free, and curiosity-led, I’m sure you can tap into another level of engagement and enthusiasm in your life.

The spark is always there – you just need to rediscover it.

Let me help you do that.

Say YES and let’s schedule four sessions with me.

We’ll inspect:

– Your self-talk
– Your limiting beliefs
– Your habits
– Your options ❤

I was in job that I didn’t feel excited about, I was discouraged, uninspired, and, most importantly, I didn’t feel like myself.

Luckily, I built on my years of interest in Buddhist psychology and mindfulness and jumped from it into different disciplines and actively used all the tools I could get.

All the teachers, books, courses, and other resources equipped me to do an honest reflection of where I was – literally and figuratively – and to take a bold move to course-correct my life.

I know how life can feel sometimes. But I also know there’s more to it.

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